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So you're looking to connect with someone who has passed away.

Firstly let me say that, despite how long it's been since your loss, I'm very sorry that you went through it. From experience I know that time doesn't actually heal anything, it just gives us space to get used to living with the loss!

Before you book an appointment please take time to watch this video, there are a few things you need to know before you book.

What a Medium Reading consists of:

  • 90 minute online reading
  • Full explanation of how mediums connect
  • Video recording of your reading for you to download and keep
  • Pre-reading checklist to prepare yourself for your reading
  • Spiritual Affirmations to help you ground yourself after your reading (Audio Download)
  • Guaranteed connection or your money back


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on August 27th, 2020 by Miriam Kilmurry
From the first consultation right through to the follow up Sandie's warmth, insight and amazing abilities shone through. She was capable of contacting our loved ones and giving us information that nobody else would know in a calming and reassuring way. Her gift has really helped us on the path to healing. Sandie doesn't build on anything you say, her readings come purely from the individuals she contacts. Amazing work from a truly gifted woman. Highly recommended. Thank You! <3
Posted on BestPsychicDirectory.com
on August 16th, 2020 by Claire Bridges
I've had 3 sessions with Sandie for both tarot & mediumship and each was a wonderful experience! If you have lost a loved one or just looking for some guidance in life I would highly recommend Sandie. I've recommended Sandie to friends and clients of mine and they cam back to thank me as the comfort they go from Sandie & knowing their loved ones were around them really helped them. I also took part in a spirit circle course Sandie ran for a week & I loved it, Highly recommend!
Posted on BestPsychicDirectory.com
on May 7th, 2020 by Annemarie Hacket
If you want to book a Mediumship Reading at the reduced price please use the scheduler to the right to book.
IMPORTANT: Please leave at least two weeks between your Mediumship reading and your Psychic Reading